The Austrian Land Register is run by the Austrian district courts and is a public directory, where properties (land) and existing rights connected to them are registered.

The following rights can be entered in the land register:

  • ownership,
  • the condominium law,
  • the lien,
  • Easements and servitudes or
  • Real loads
  • Building rights
  • Comments and Public information to certain legally relevant facts

The Land Registry is in Austria consists of the "Hauptbuch" (the actual land registry), in which the current entries are registered. Further, the register offers the list of deleted items (so-called. "Deletion folder") and finally the collection of certificates. The document collection is the collection of certificates that represent the legal basis for the entries in the land register, such as the purchase agreement on the acquisition of land ownership.

In addition to the "Hauptbuch"  there are auxiliary directories, namely

  • the Land directory (this includes for each cadastral (KG), the land numbers (GST number)),
  • the Address directory (this includes for each local area the respective property addresses) and
  • the persons or name directory (this includes for each state the names and addresses of the registered owners in the land registry).
  • All these directories can be accessed with the use of the register number (EZ).

Access to the Land Register

The Austrian Business Register is a central, public business directory offered by the Republic of Austria and includes, inter alia, essential information on the structure, owners and actors of Austrian corporations (GesmbH, AG), partnerships (OG, KG) and cooperatives. Also information on foreign legal entity is available  in this commercial register if they operate branches in Austria. Civil law organizations (GesbR) are not included in the directory.

The Business Register is run by the regional courts out (by the Landesgericht für Zivilrechtssachen Graz in Vienna by the Commercial Court Vienna, in Graz) and serves as a public list of the record and disclose facts which are to be entered according to the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles in Austria.

The trade register consists of the general ledger (the actual company register), in which the Company register entries are included, and from the collection of certificates. This includes a collection of the company register relevant documents that are to companies register entries based e.g. of association, annual reports or information to the income statement and / or balance.

In commercial register following entities are entered:

  • Sole Proprietorship: This company form can be registered in the commercial register voluntarily. Only when an individual enterprise has in two consecutive financial years a turnover in excess of 700,000 euros or a turnover of more than Euro 1 million in a year, then there is an obligation to register in the commercial register)
  • open societies
  • partnerships (Kommanditgesellschaften)
  • joint-stock companies
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • European Economic Interest Groupings (Europäische wirtschaftliche Interessenvereinigungen)
  • European Companies (SE)
  • European Cooperative Societies (SCE) 
  • other entities whose registration is provided for by law
  • Trade and industrial cooperatives
  • Mutuals
  • Credit Unions
  • private foundations


Each entity has its own number, the so-called "commercial register number" assigned. It consists of numbers and a check letter.


Access to the Business-Register


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