Dr. Bernd M. Schauer, CMC

professional career

During his doctoral studies at the Faculty of Law at the University of Vienna Dr. Bernd M. Schauer has focused his research work on quesitions concerning internet law, data privacy and e-commerce.

In his dissertation titled „Das Internet in der Europäischen Union – Neue rechtliche Herausforderungen im Zeitalter der Informationsgesellschaft” /„The Internet In The European Union – New Legal Challenges In The Age Of The Information Society“ he shows – under consideration of US-American developments - European and national regulatory frameworks, managers of companies have to deal with when using the internet in times of e-commerce.

Besides his legal studies Dr. Schauer completes his IT-education, where he gains several IT-certificates in Internet technologies, searchengines (SEO), software-development and programming.

After his studies he started to work in 1999 as a project-manager for online-databases at the “RDB Rechtsdatenbank GmbH”, where he took part in the reorganisation and redesigning of the company`s new appearance on the market („RDB-Content Portal“) and was responsible for the acquisition of information - content, search-logistics and content-presentation.

For more then 10 years he concentrates on technical, judicial as well as economic and commercial developments on the internet and in e-commerce. Apart from his judicial and scientific research work he focuses on the development for target group oriented internet-and intranet solutions for people working and using with law. (CMS-Content Management Systems, CRM-Customer Relationship Management, Internetmarketing, Open-Source-Solutions, Social Media u.a). He is also engaged in legal and technical aspects of e-government solutions in Europe.

Dr. Schauer also advises several companies and organisations as expert for internet-technologies und developments in the WWW.

In August 2004 Dr. Bernd M. Schauer founded the company „lawvision information systems“. In October 2007 lawvision information systems GmbH was founded. Together with his partners he also founded in 2004 the company "lexunited - online information system GmbH".

In September 2020 lawvision was accredited by the Austrian Datenschutzbehörde (Austrian Data Privacy Authority) to monitor compliance with the code of conduct of the "Professional association of employers of private educational institutions" ("BABE-CoC")

Additional business activities

  • since 2019: accredited body for Code of Conduct - Art 41 GDPR
  • since 2017: Director of the research group "Data" / Austrian Chamber of Commerce / FV UBIT
  • 2013-2017: Director of the research group "Geodata" / Austrian Chamber of Commerce / FV UBIT
  • 2004-2014: Founder & CEO of the company “lexunited - online information system GmbH”
  • 1999-2007: Research assistant at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for European Law
  • seit 2019: akkreditierte Überwachungsstelle nach Art 41 DSGVO
  • seit 2017: Leiter des Arbeitskreises Daten der Wirtschaftskammer Österreich/FV UBIT
  • 2013-2017: Leiter des Arbeitskreises Geodaten der Wirtschaftskammer Österreich/FV UBIT 
  • 2004-2014: Gründer & Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter lexunited - online information system GmbH
  • 1999-2007: Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am Ludwig Boltzmann Institut für Europarecht
  • seit 5/2018: Datenschutzbeauftragter der Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft
  • seit 5/2018: Datenschutzkoordinator des Bildungsreferats der Ordensgemeinschaften Österreichs
  • seit 2/2019: Vorstand - FINNCHAM Austria - Handelskammer Finnland Österreich


  • CMC - Certified Management Consultant
  • certified data privacy auditor (TÜV)
  • certified data privacy officer (TÜV)
  • several IT & internet certificates (UML, SEO, Projektmanagement)


  • Constantinus award 2006
    (3rd place - category:Communication und Networks)
  • Constantinus nomination 2006
    (category: young entrepreneurs)
  • Austrian National Prize Consulting 2006
    (participant nomination)
  • CMC - Certified Management Consultant


  • „Die Auswirkungen der Social Webs auf die Zukunft der Suchmaschinen" in: "Semantisches Web und Soziales Web im Recht", Tagungsband des 12. Internationalen Rechtsinformatik-Symposions IRIS 2009
  • „Social Communities" in: Tagungsband des 11. Internationalen Rechtsinformatik-Symposions IRIS 2008, Boorberg Verlag, Stuttgart, 2008
  • „Web 2.0 - new challenges for lawyers", in: 10 Jahre IRIS: Bilanz und Ausblick - Tagungsband des 10. Internationalen Rechtsinformatik-Symposions IRIS 2007, Hrsg. Schweighofer/Geist/Heindl, Boorberg publishers, Stuttgart, 2007



  • „Google – Legal problems & business models“, in: Schweighofer/Liebwald/Drachsler/Geist (Hrsg), e-Staat und e-Wirtschaft, Tagungsband des 9. Internationalen Rechtsinformatik Symposions IRIS 2006, Boorberg publishers, Stuttgart, 2006



  • „Online- & Mobile-Marketing“, in: Schweighofer/Liebwald/Augeneder/Menzel (Hrsg), The Efficiency of e-solutions in State and Society- Current Questions of Legal Informatics Rechtsinformatik, Tagungsband des 8. Internationalen Rechtsinformatik Symposions IRIS 2005, Boorberg publishers, Stuttgart, 2005




  • „Legal Problems at Google & Co“, in: Schweighofer/Liebwald/Kreuzbauer/Menzel (Hrsg): Information Technololgy in the Judicial Reality, Current questions of legal informatics 2004, Schriftenreihe Rechtsinformatik Band 9, publishers Verlag Österreich, Vienna



  • „Advertising in the Internet“, in: Schweighofer/Menzel/Kreuzbauer/Liebwald (Hrsg), „ Between Rights-Theory and e-Government“, Schriftenreihe Rechtsinformatik, publishers Verlag Österreich 2003



  • „Challenges for the information supplier in the age of e-commerce“, in: Schweighofer/Menzel/Kreuzbauer (Hrsg), „IT in Legislation and State“, Schriftenreihe Rechtsinformatik, publishers Verlag Österreich 2002




  • „Trends in E-Commerce“ in: Schweighofer/Menzel/Kreuzbauer (Hrsg), „On the way to the e-person“, Schriftenreihe Rechtsinformatik, publishers Verlag Österreich 2001
  • „e-commerce“: article in the journal „Homepages“, Vienna 2000



  • Author: „e-commerce in the European Union“, papers of the Ludwig Boltzmann-Institute for European Law, volume 3, publishers Manz, Vienna 1999



  • Various Online-Webinars 2020
  • WKO - Working Group Data
    2020: New developments in E-Government (Business Register, BEV, GDPR Update)
  • Unitas Solidaris
    2020: Overview Decisions GDPR
  • ADOS Tirol
    2019: Update GDPR for directors
  • Vereinigung von Ordensschulen Österreich
    2019: GDPR - new challenges for schools
  • Ordesngemeinschaften Österreich
    2019: Data Privacy Follow-Up - GDPR
  • WKO - Workung Group Data
    2019: PIA (Privacy Impact Assessment)
  • ADOS Tirol
    2018: GDPR for Schools
  • Vereinigung Katholischer Kindertagesheime
    2018: GDPR for kindergarten
  • Ordensschulen Österreich (Order Schools of Austria)
    2018: GDPR for Schools
  • Ordensgemeinschaften Österreich  (Orders of Austria)
    2018: GDPR and orders
  • WKO - Working Group Data & e-health
    2018: DSGVO & DSG for Software-Developers - e-health
  • Ordensgemeinschaften Österreich (Orders of Austria) - Österreichischer Schultag (Austrian School´s Day)
    2017: Data Privacy / GDPR
  • WKO - Working Group Data
    2017: GDPR & DatenschutzanpassungsG 2018: New developments for data privacy
  • Lecturer at MMM-Club Austria - Fachtagung:
    2016: Webbased instruments for market monitoring
  • Lecturer at WKO - Working Group Geodata
    2013 - 2017: various presentations refering to geodata & geoinformation
  • Lecturer at Stockholm University: Global Legal Research and Information Management - GRIM Winter School 2013: "Social Media as Influence"
  • Lecturer at the Annual International Legal Informatics Symposium in Salzburg - Speeches:
  • 2010: New developments & trends in the Web 2.0
  • 2009: The impact of Social Webs for the future of searchengines
  • 2008: Social Networks - Facebook, Xing & Co
  • 2007: Web 2.0 – new tasks for lawyers
  • 2006: Google – business model & Legal problems
  • 2005: Legal problems on the Online- & Mobile-Marketing
  • 2004: Search-engines – importance and future in e-commerce.
  • 2003: Marketing on the internet
  • 2002: eCommerce and database
  • 2001: product presentation RDB-Immobau
  • 2000: juridical databases - project „RDB new“

2000: lecture „e-commerce in the European Union – Importance for KMUs“ during the „7. Scientific Summer-Academy“ - Kapfenberg, Autria

Since 2000: presentations and participations at panel discussions (Federal Chancellery of the Republic of Austria) during EU-informative meetings, panel discussion – Association of Legal Practitioners; presentation of several round-tables on „e-commerce“; presentations on legal informatics and e-government-applications (New land register in Austria, databases provided by the Republic of Austria); presentations on Social Media

  • Lectures for the presentation of the book „E-commerce in the European Union“ in Vienna 1999, Dornbirn 2000


  • Constantinus 2006 – 3rd (category Communication & networks)

    Constantinus Award
  • Constantinus 2006 - nomination (category Young Entrepreneur 2006)

  • Austrian State Prize for Consulting 2006 - (nomination for participation)

    Austrian State Prize for Consulting 2006 - (nomination for participation)
  • GEWINN – Young Entrepreneurs – Competition 2006 - top 100

lawvision information systems GmbH

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